Throughout LRI'S website – the following terms are used interchangeably: Workforce readiness skills, workplace success skills, soft skills, employability skills, interpersonal skills, workplace behaviors, behavioral competencies, social skills, career readiness skills and behavioral effectiveness skills. Skills and competencies are also used as synonyms.
Soft Skills Internet Training

Managerial Skills (SMS)

Managerial Skills (SMS) is an industry-validated and video-delivered soft skills assessment program. SMS measures the competencies required by employers of first-line leaders and managers in an office environment. The program identifies both the current competencies and the developmental needs of individuals. When skill development is suggested, strategies are identified to support the attainment of those skills. Because of its validity, SMS is used in support of hiring and promotion decisions. SMS measures the following broad skill sets:

  • Team Building
  • Situational Style of Interaction
  • Influence
  • Initiative
  • Analysis and Problem Solving
The Competencies Measured by SMS and a process to determine which competencies are of greatest importance to local employers appear here. How this process enables workforce professionals to better serve employers is outlined here.

Developing SMS Soft Skills

  • The SMS Feedback Report, which is the basic product of our assessment process, identifies individuals’ soft skill strengths and deficits. It provides suggestions for creating individual or group Development Plans to remediate deficits.
  • LRI-provided Implementation Training and Development (ITD) prepares staff to create Individual Development Plans for assessed workers, integrate soft skills into courses/workshops, interact with employers and more. ITD ensures that workers/learners and their managers/instructors are in agreement as to developmental activities; managers receive practical, hands-on experience that enables them to help workers develop soft skills over time.
  • Tools are provided to support supervisors, mentors and others who work to build individuals’ soft skills post-employment and/or during internships, apprenticeships or subsidized work experience.
  • Interview Guides are provided when individuals are assessed as applicants. Guides provide behavioral interviewing resources that target areas where an individual’s response to video situations are inconsistent. To request a guide, please contact Learning Resources.
  • The AccuVision Training Series (ATS) is a highly focused program aimed at improving the core competencies of supervisors, leaders and managers: These are the core competencies assessed by MSL: Team Building, Situational Style of Interaction, Influencing, Initiative and Analysis and Problem Solving.
  • is an in-depth, self-paced learning experience delivered on the Web that also incorporates on-the-job activities to reinforce learning points. It is designed for individuals moving into a leadership or management position for the first time, as well as incumbent managers or supervisors who have received little or no formal training. The presentation of real-life scenarios using a combination of text, graphics, and sound engages the participant, whose knowledge and skills are assessed by pre- and post-module assessments.

SMS Content Information

SMS contains about 95 minutes of video during which the viewer responds to 32 work-related questions. DVD and VHS versions of the program are available.

NOTE: A version of this program exists that is applicable to supervisory/managerial jobs. See Supervisory Skills (SMP). It measures the same competencies as SMS but provides video filmed in blue collar settings.

Additional information about SMS